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Choosing a CCTV & Security installer you can rely on can be a daunting prospect. This website listing has been created to help you find a reputable trained security installer in your area. However This disclaimer should be read carefully as it contains the information which imdemnifies any liability by Netview CCTV Ltd t/a www.netviewcctv.co.uk  when using the information on this site.

Installer Search Disclaimer

You acknowledge that the selection of a CCTV & Security Installer through the directory that netview.co.uk offers and the negotiation of the terms of any work to be performed by the installer you have chosen is your responsibility. Netview CCTV Ltd  makes no warranty regarding any goods or services purchased or obtained through an introduction made via this Website.

Netview CCTV Ltd  take no responsibility for any works carried out or contracts entered into between yourself and the CCTV & Security you have chosen. By using this site you agree to make your own informed decision and carrry out your own due diligence when choosing an installer.

Installer Disclaimer

Netview CCTV Ltd  does not make any representation or endorsement of the creditworthiness or value of any visitor/resident to the Website who contacts you as a result of your entry in the online directory or posts within our social media groups or campaigns.

Netview CCTV Ltd accept no liability for any transactions which take place between you and the users to the Website nor do we accept any responsibility or liability for any loss suffered by you or any of your Customers or any other person arising out of your entry in the online directory, howsoever caused.

Netview CCTV Ltd relies on the user to specify and describe their work requirements. Netview CCTV Ltd makes no warranty for the accuracy or completeness or any information provided by the Customer.

We do not not guarantee that you will get business as a result of your listing on this website. It is up to you the installer, to turn any enquiries you may receive into sales.


Netview CCTV Ltd cannot be held responsible for any works carried out or contracts entered into by either party, whether you are a user or installer. Netview CCTV Ltd  cannot accept any liability in respect of any contract, or other agreement entered into, between the general public and installers.
Please be aware we not responsible for any work carried out with the installers from this directory or our social media pages and contracts are only with installers and customers.
Whilst every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, the data is compiled from information supplied by various individuals and businesses.  Netview CCTV Ltd  cannot be held responsible for any omissions or inaccurate claims that may appear. Netview CCTV Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for the quality of workmanship or service of any of the listed trades and services. can be held responsible for any omissions or inaccurate claims that may appear.

Due diligence is a must, from both parties.

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